Be Your Own Boss OR Join a Team!

CarStart is a rapidly growing service that is looking for team members and self-motivated entrepreneurs nationwide. Our company focuses on three main key factors; Repair, Service, & Roadside. Although our specialty is being mobile and traveling directly to our customers, we are adding small, brick & mortar shops in each market for difficult repairs and services. These physical locations are also where our towing services are operated out of.

Under our two programs, mechanics can choose which of the two they want to work under. With our “Be Your Own Boss” program, an ASE Certified Mechanic can either purchase his or her own truck, OR lease a truck from CarStart. This program is unique, in that you generate and manage your own book of business, while using our brand and marketing. With the “Join A Team” program, a newer, less experienced mechanic may decide to work for an owner of a team to gain more mechanical and business experience. Working for a team, you may be on out on a mobile service, working in a shop, or making roadside assistant calls. The choice is yours!

Please note: ALL mechanics are required to provide their own small tools and supplies. CarStart has the option to help with large equipment purchases, but each mechanic must purchase and maintain his or her tool chest.

For more information or to become part of CarStart, please call or email info@carstart