Who We Are

The future of automotive space is here!

CarStart is a new, interactive mobile app that will give consumers back precious time in today's fast paced world by providing customized automotive service solutions ON DEMAND.

CarStart App

Our company specializes in providing roadside assistance, preventative maintenance, repair and automotive warranty plans - all at the touch of a button.

All consumer-to-technician interaction is executed in prominently branded vehicles that are essentially fully-equipped repair shops on wheels.

Through a new generation mobile app platform, drivers can request assistance from licensed technicians and their location can be pinpointed within minutes of engagement, allowing for quick response times.

CarStart will revolutionize the way consumers view and engage with automotive maintenance and repair, and will continue to mold our brand for future automotive technology as the industry evolves.


Kyle J. Patton

Founder & CEO - CarStart, Inc.

In the era of advanced technology, I have realized that it is a pure necessity to bring convenience and reliability to the automotive industry, by introducing solid platforms to our customers that will alleviate some stress and frustrations in their lives. In the world we live in today, everyone wants what they want, and they have to have it right now.

In our research, we have learned this and have developed our products and services to be in parallel with what the consumer wants, and needs. We will always strive to be one step ahead of our competition, and lead the way for future advances in automotive technology, but will always put our customers and employees first.